We See What You Did There: Ex-Senator Hides in Closet for 5 hours

Nicole+LeFavour+headshot+croppedFirst let us say that the K Word would never ever ever ever ever ever suggest you go to your old job and do something like this. But we have to give former state, Sen. Nicole LeFavour her props for this one.

She hid in a closet in the Idaho Statehouse for more than five hours in an attempt to convince Republican lawmakers to update the language in the Idaho Human Rights Act. She is attempting to get lawmakers to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to the act which outlines the state’s anti-discrimination provisions.

Say what now? Yep, she did that… in a closet… for 5 hours.

Now to be fair, it’s not like she jumped over barricades and slipped past the guards. In Idaho, former senators are allowed to enter Senate chambers.  Hiding in a closet? Not so much. The Senate voted 28-6 to temporarily suspend her floor privileges as a result of this latest protest.

This isn’t the first time LeFavour has done something like this since she left office. She has actually been arrested about 6 times.

 After being discovered,  LeFavour told Idaho newspaper, The Spokesman-Review,  “Closets are never safe for gay or transgender people. It’s a very large closet. There are lots of people in closets out there, and they’re not comfortable.”

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