KWord Approved: Tasting Room by Lot18

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We have been talking a lot about wine and food since the launch of the Lesbians of Color Dinner party.  Ok we have been talking a lot about wine and food forever. Have you ever joined a wine club or thought about joining a wine club? I have considered joining wine clubs before but never really made the investment. I know what I “like” so I was a bit nervous about just taking their shipments without them knowing me.

So when I came across, I was very excited.  They boast that they are a new kind of wine club, and that they have created “the world’s first personalized wine experience.” It’s a simple enough plan (like most of these box of a month clubs), you receive a case of 12 bottles of wine every three months based on your taste.

To get started, you get an initial set of mini bottles of various wines for about 10 bucks ($9.95 to be exact). The wine kit I received contained two whites and four reds.

TheKWord_TastingRoom_ 184

The kit also comes with a tasting mat and instructions. When you’re ready to do your tasting, be sure to have a laptop nearby since it’s an online assessment.

TheKWord_TastingRoom_ 201

You start with the whites and you are asked to compare which one you prefer over the other. Then you move onto the reds, and continue the comparisons.

TheKWord_TastingRoom_ 249

At the end of the tasting and survey, compiles your wine profile based on answers.

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This is really pretty cool. The first thing you find out is your white wine type and red wine type, — as you can see below, Tasting Room believes I am Big Red with red wines and a Critic with white wines. 

TastingRoom_profile copy

For the foodie among us, there is a “How to order wine” section that will help you explain your wine preferences when order wine at restaurants. According to Tasting Room,when it comes to white wine, my answer should be simple — “I’d like to try anything that isn’t a white wine. Just surprise me.” 

Once your profile is complete, Tasting Room creates a case of wine to ship to you that is catered to your wine profile. For $59.99, you get 6 bottles (each a full 750 ml). There are two options, you will either get a mix of red and white wine, or all red wine. Due to my selections, I will be getting red wines this time. If you do the math that is $10 a bottle. Nice! I think the price goes up to $120 for the next shipment, but this time you get a full case of 12 bottles, which is still only $10 a bottle. You may cancel at any time.

I am looking forward to my first case. This is definitely a great idea for the casual wine drinkers among us that want to beef it up.

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