Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Cloudburst (2011)

cloudburstPlane tickets and online shopping are keeping me in the house this weekend (kidding…not kidding). So with a click on a mouse, I renewed my Netflix membership (which doesn’t count as shopping) and opened a new world of LGBT films.

Gearing up for my first taste of this year’s Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival tomorrow, I decided to watch some film festival darlings.

Of course, I picked the movie that I had been ignoring on Amazon Prime for the last two months (don’t judge me). I am so glad I did. I immediately fell in love with Cloudburst staring Olympia Dukakis, Ryan Douchette, and Brenda Fricker.

Cloudburst-2Plot Snapshot: After 30 years together, partners run off to Canada to after one’s overzealous family member tries to split them apart.

This movie was perfect. I don’t know why I was surprised. I guess 30 best picture awards should have been a tip off.  I really want to be like Dukakis’s character Stella when I grow up. Her “no-Fcks-given” attitude throughout the whole movie had me in tears laughing. And I hope I am blessed with a woman like Dot to deal with me.

This was a love story that needed to be told.

Check out the trailer below. Anyone seen it?


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