Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: @GBFmovie

GBF2Ever since Paris and Nicole, having a fabulous BF has been crucial to climbing the 21st century social ladder.  Well picture a world where beautiful girls, like the aforementioned pair, need one last trendy accessory to really be on the cutting edge. What every girl needs is… a GBF, a Gay Best Friend. A GBF must be awesomely and amazingly gay, meaning: glittery, sparkly and effervescent…like Perez Hilton but nicer. Today’s high schools are a popularity feeding frenzy of teen queens…in more ways than you can imagine.


GBF is the story of two best friends, Tanner Daniels (Michael J. Willett) and Brent  Van Camp (Paul Iacono).These two are so adorably clueless that I immediately wanted them both for my GBFs.  Directed by Darren Stein, GBF is so sweet it’ll give you a toothache… not in a tired, cliche’ way. This movie is cool because she’s smart, well rounded and a little bit sassy. It’s cute but not redundant. I absolutely loved it! My super gay girlfriend and I had a blast watching this movie. GBF is perfect for a date night at home with a bottle of ouzo and a fancy pastry, this movie is twink-a-licious.

     This is the story of Tanner and Brent. They share everything including the fact that they’re both closeted and afraid of being outed at their school.  When Tanner is outed by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance then instantly recruited by the three biggest popularity rivals for the covet position of GBF, the still closeted Brent (How is this boy in the closet? *giggle*) feels jealous and alone. Will true friendship and love win in the end? Well…you gotta watch the movie to find out. It’s worth a gander. GBF is like Clueless or Legally Blonde but…gay-er.

I’m lovin’ it!

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