KListen: Joan Armatrading “Love and Affection” [1976]

Not sure if I am in an emo state of mind this morning, but I have been listening to this song over and over.

Before there was Tracy Chapman or Melissa Etheridge, there was Joan Armatrading.  She is a British artist and songwriter, whose career of 40+ years has garnered her three Grammy nominations, several top 10 hits, and numerous other accolades. In 1976, she released “Love and Affection”, which has been a lezzie (well this lezzie’s) favorite ever since.


An intensely private person, Armatrading rarely used gender-specific pronouns in her songs.  “Love and Affection” follows in that pattern, using the word “you” to refer to the love interest.

Over 30 years after its release, Armatrading no longer kept the source of her “Love and Affection” a secret. In May 2011, she entered into a civil partnership with girlfriend Maggie Butler.

Take a look. Take a listen. What do you think?


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