10 Things To Know About: Director Deana Williams #SuperGayShorts edition

Over cocktails and kabobs at February’s LOC dinner party, I met a young lady named Kerra. As is normal with our crew, we slipped pretty quickly into a conversation about lesbian life, specifically black lesbian cinema. Before I could go into my “Why I USED to Support All Black LGBT Films” rant, she mentioned she was friends with Deana Williams, the director of the award winning short film Tracks.

Deana, a native of New Orleans Louisiana found her calling at the age of 12. After studying some of her favorite childhood movies, Deana turned to her mother and simply said “I want to do that for the rest of my life” From there, Deana begun writing scripts and acting them out with her family members in front of an old camcorder that she received from her mother. Making short movies was a way to let her imagination soar and soon the magical world of film became her passion.

She followed her dreams all the way to Miami Florida where she studied film at Ai Miami International University of Art & Design.
Deana is the winner of numerous awards for filmmaking and community achievement, including the “Have a Heart Award” and the “Ai MIU Most Outstanding Filmmaker of 2003”. Deana continues to be a student of the craft. While gaining more experience in writing, producing and directing, Deana strives to make new films that explore the lives of women in leading roles.

As a fan of her work, I couldn’t wait to get her on the K Word. Even though she is in pre-production for her new movie Torn, she graciously agreed to be a part of our 10 Things to Know About Series. She is definitely someone to keep your eye on.

Deana headshotThe Basics

1. Name  Deana Williams

2. Age (You can give me the range…) 32

3. Yeah Yeah Yeah, we don’t like labels…..umm: Lol..I’m more on the masculine side but still very much in touch with my femininity. I’m a cute boy with a vagina!

Why You Rock

4. So what is your claim to fame? I am a rock star Writer/Director of Black Lesbian films.

5. What made you do what you are doing? I announced my wanting to be a filmmaker to my parents when I was a kid. I need to get all of this creative energy out of my head and heart so I do that through filmmaking. I make films for myself first and then for the audience. I write what I know and what I am passionate about. There’s not enough films about women, there are even less films about black women, and close to zero films about lesbian black women. This lack of quality black lesbian films saddens me. I write about real people in real situations and then I bring that to the screen with the hope that I can help elevate those around me to question, acknowledge, accept, and adopt new ideas in this world. If my work isn’t helping human kind in some way then I have no business doing it.

6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? I see myself working on my second feature film but most importantly I see myself with a family. tracks2

Community Affairs

  1. What do you think are the State of Affairs in the LGBT community present-day? I think that right now marriage equality is the most important agenda for the LGBT community as a whole and I think it’s going well. Every week I read something new about cities that are getting more rights and freedoms to marry. Things are slowly changing.

  2. What would you say to the young (and no-so-young) sister/brother who has decided to come out the closet? You Go Girlfriend/Boyfriend! Being yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Just because I want to know..

  1. What is in your nightstand drawer? eyebrow raise LOL… I don’t actually have a nightstand but I do have a drawer in my closet. Lets just say, I don’t want my mother to see what’s in there…. Tons of holey socks!!

  2. What is your definition of pride? Being yourself at all times and being an example for those who don’t understand us.


Kristi K is the K of the KWord. She is a part-time blogger and full-time lezzie. Born, bred and cultivated in Dade county, this Florida girl you can usually find Kristi stirring up trouble on Twitter at @kristiweb.


7 thoughts on “10 Things To Know About: Director Deana Williams #SuperGayShorts edition”

  1. Deana Williams is not only a passionate and caring person, she is a very smart and talented individual that happens to be my sister. I think that she has a gift that she is definetly using. Everyone is so proud of her and especially me. I can’t wait for Torn because Tracks was a great short, and I think this film will be better as she continues to grow in her craft. This girl one day will be a star. Just wait!!

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