Life without the Planet: KWord Guide to Lesbian @Meetup Groups

Gay MeetupAs most of us know, in the last few years, the lesbian “scene” has shifted from a familial/clannish one to one heavily integrated** into the mainstream. Long gone are the good old days of a lesbian bar. Kit has probably sold the Planet, Maud’s has had its last call, and the Palms… ok well it is still around. Scratch the Palms.

For many of us, if you want to meet a nice lezzie (or two) you have to hit up one of the monthly events by your local lesbian promoter, or put your networking skills on hyperdrive at annual events like Pride, Her WinterParty, Sweet Heat or Aqua Girl. You could be like me and start your own dinner club with likeminded lesbians… but there has to be another way right? It’s the digital age, how do we find fellow digital lezzies?

As an answer to those questions, it seems like has turned into (literally There are over a thousand lesbian meetup groups around the world, from Sapphic Adventures in Chicago to Gay Geek Meetups in the UK.

So the question shifts from, how do I find lesbian groups to how do I find the right lesbian groups for me? We came up with a couple of tips for you.


5 Tips when Joining Lesbian Meetup Groups

1. Being a lesbian can’t be your only connection.

2. Not all long distance relationships work.

  • The next town over isn’t thaaaat far, but how many times are you really going to drive 45 minutes to watch the next episode of Orange in the New Black?

3. Age ain’t nothing but a number UNLESS it’s in the group title.

4. This is not a dating site… per se.

  • There are two ways to look at this tip.
    1. Don’t become “that girl”. We all know “that girl”, the one that hits on a different girl at EVERY meetup.  It looks as lame in person as it does online.
    2. You might want to put on an extra splash of cologne or rock those jeans that fit oh so right . You never know if your Prince/ss Charming just RSVPed to go rock climbing.

5. Go ahead and Go already.

  • You can join 10 lesbian meetup groups, filled with hundreds of lovely Sapphic sisters but if you don’t ever attend any of the events… well there is always Dinah Shore next year *shrugs*

2014-06-10 22.47.50Bonus: Yes telling someone to lock your number in their phone is functional… but giving them your card has a lot more panache if I must say so myself.

If it is a professional connection, feel free to give your corporate card. If you don’t want to do all of that, think about making networking cards. I grabbed these as a Klout perk from The artwork was done by an amazing German artist @PatKaapor from Instagram. Check out her work.



**Don’t mistake my use of integrated to mean accepted. Oh everyone loves lesbians, as long as they can be festishized and unless we have the audacity to get married and bear children. Make out in public (Yes Lord!). Make love in private (No sayeth the Lord!).


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