Super Gay Movie Review: Stud Life directed by @campbellx

STUDLIFE 7Have you ever seen a movie that you’d heard of and wanted to see but kinda gave up seeing it, only to run across it on Netflix and love it? Really? Me, too!
So it’s the Sunday night after Stonewall Pride. It’s still wet outside so, I am inside where any good girl should be. I’d spotted Stud Life a few days ago and brought it up to the missus. Well, she let me know, in no certain terms, that she is not in any way interested in watching this movie. OK.
Lucky for me she decided to hit the hay early. Time to get my flick!
Stud Life was really, really good. Campbell X had been praised when this movie hit the festival circuit and I now know why. The cast was phenomenal. T’Nia Miller, Kyle Treslove and Robyn Kerr have amazing chemistry and carry the story, beautifully, from beginning to end. I even enjoyed the music…and we all know that can be a deal breaker in lesbian movies.
My two cents, ok…eleven cents.

studlife10This movie is romantic. If you have issues with masculine women showing a sensitive side, ya ain’t gonna like it. JJ, played by Miller, is a likeable bloke with a video blog called Stud Life. A little emotionally immature but generally a good fellow, JJ has a feminine gay male best friend named Seb (Treslove). They work as wedding photographers for gay weddings, which is a pretty cool way to make a living in my opinion. Seb and JJ have a nice little bro-mance until JJ meets Elle. Elle (Kerr) is a femme fatale…and she embraces it, for the most part. The three of them discover a lot about each other and themselves as the story unfolds. Have red wine and chocolates ready when watching the love scenes. They are hot!
That’s hopefully enough to get you to watch it.  Enjoy!

Oh…and tell my lady she missed one heck of a good movie. *wink*

For more on Stud Life check out our interview with the director CampbellX and the stars of the movie from last year’s MGLFF coverage.

2 thoughts on “Super Gay Movie Review: Stud Life directed by @campbellx”

  1. I had the wonderful opportunity to see this movie at a Sistah Cinema event in Seattle during the film festival here. It was and is and amazing film. I would see it again and again.

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