Odd Lez Out: When Did Everyone I Know Get Hitched?

Now let me say this first, I am not bitter. I am happy for all of those people that have found love (or a good substitute). I will use my frequent flyer miles for your NYC nuptials. I will hold your hair back at your bachelorette parties. I will even prepare a speech for the rehearsal dinner. I am happy happy happy FOR YOU.

Too much?

I’m just saying… when did all these life-long attachments occur? Did I miss a memo? It seems like once we hit 30…ish every lesbian has to couple up in order to make it through the winter of their lives. That came out a bit darker than I thought it would…

One moment we were picking out dresses for cocktail parties, drinking mimosas on the beach and doing the Wobble (my favorite dance….ever). It was the life! Now we have become WE(us+she). I am going to her hooding ceremony dinner. I am a floater since there is an odd number for bowling. I have become the awkward third wheel, fifth wheel, seventh wheel… hell any odd number for that matter. I am officially the spare tire of my friend circle.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and I get along with their partners… for the most part. I just don’t want to always have to… see them. I don’t want them chiming in when we are on speakerphone. I don’t want them to know more about my thoughts and feelings, than I have deigned to tell them.

So where does that leave me (other than writing this blog post)?

  1. Find some more single friends.

– I havvvve single friends. Single straight friends. They are actually my best friends in the universe. We have traveled the world together (two int’l more trips on the way this year alone) BUT sometimes I want do “gay stuff”. I want to talk about “gay stuff”. I want to go to dinner with you… not y’all.

  1. Just say no.

– I know I know. I am not being forced to hang out with anyone. If I don’t want to be the third wheel in their world, I should be the unicycle of my own universe. Yes, that is as lame as it seems. eye roll

  1. Get a GF.

– Grrrr. I have had a girlfriend…. I have had several girlfriends. Getting a girlfriend isn’t something I am really interested in. If I was, I would still be with my last girlfriend (unless she had killed me by now). I am in the prime of life. I love my CAREER, I have discretionary money for shopping and traveling and if I took my fat ass to the gym I could be sexy (er). I want to be able to experience this with my friends, which is different than my friends and their partners.

  1.  Watch more shows on Netflix

– I just watched season 1 of The Last Tango in Halifax. LOVED IT!

logs back on the POF… sigh


Kristi K is the K of the KWord. She is a part-time blogger and full-time lezzie. Born, bred and cultivated in Dade county, this Florida girl you can usually find Kristi stirring up trouble on Twitter at @kristiweb.

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