I have had my fill of lesbian drama. Ok. Let me restate that please. I am sick and tired of WATCHING lesbian drama on my digital devices. With that being said, I am all for lesbian comedy. It’s about time
someone came along with a sense of humor. I was beginning to lose faith in my sisters. We can’t all be so serious all the time can we? I am also sick of seeing black women languishing behind bars…which is
why, although it may be funny and full of lesbians, I haven’t seen Orange is The New Black. Right now, Entangled With You is giving me EVERYTHING.

Caryn K. Hayes presents the story of Jaliyah and Alisha. They become roomies after J’s girl demands that she move in (she doesn’t) and Alisha’s boyfriend gets kicked out for bringing home the wrong type of surprise. Jaliyah, played by the lovely Loren Lillian, is the type of girl I would’ve wanted to tumble in college. Big, curly hair and beautiful soft brown eyes give me a tickle in my tummy to this day!
She wants to be true to her girl but is the temptation of having Alisha, a cocoa honey with the pretty ponytail played by Kathryn Taylor, so close making her lose focus? We’ll see.

The boys are pretty funny, too. Alisha’s ex, Craig, is brought to life by Al Thompson. You may remember him as Danny Glover’s son in The Royal Tenenbaums and a couple of other big name movies. He is perfectly goofy as the guy who should’ve never been able to get a girl like Alisha anyway. They met through her brother, Darrell. Darrell may also look familiar. He’s played by David Spates who’s also
been around Hollywood for quite some time. They are funny guys and as two straight guys suddenly bombarded with a lot of beautiful lesbians, Craig and Darrell are simply ridiculous…or funny. Either
adjective works for me in this case.

To keep it simple, I like this show! It’s witty and thoughtful as well as side splittingly funny. Entangled With You gives me hope for the future. Hope that we, lesbos, will learn to laugh at our stuff.
We are not always serious and ornery. No! We are girls. We wanna have fun! So, if you like your laughs hearty and your girls cute, well come over and get tangled or Entangled , with Entangled With You.

Check out the first episode of the new season here.

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