Tale of Two Prospects: The Drunk Dial Test

So I have been getting to know two OkCupid women lately 1. They both spoke to me in different ways2 and both know about this blog so I will keep my descriptions realllll cute.

Prospect 1: Masculine identified. Too cool for school. Successful in a high level LGBT related career. I am sure is hot shit in her circle. Great initial chemistry… now not so sure. She may or may not be that into me, and ambiguity makes me sleepy.

Prospect 2: Feminine identified. My mom would love her… if she were a man. Genuinely good person. Community based profession. Family oriented. No sparks at first (thought she would be a great friend)… now not so sure. I might just be that into her.

So last night was a test.. ok it wasn’t really a test but it was interesting. I went out drinking with my work friends after the shoot. What started off as a drink, turned into several drinks, turned to the Mercedes Benz party, turned into… I was tipsy (because ladies don’t get drunk3). Halfway through the night, I texted Prospect 1 to be on alert for a ride home conversation. Keep in mind we have been communicating pretty much every night. She was on board. I also texted Prospect 2 because we had started texting pretty heavy over the last 2 days and she was on my mind.

After a purposeful, and skillful I might add, walk to the car I called Prospect 1 per our plan. Nothing. Finished my food truck grilled cheese sandwich and regrouped myself for my drive home. Before pulling off I called again. Nothing. I continued to think of Prospect 2 but I didn’t want to drunk dial her because… I don’t know I felt bad.  So I texted her and she texted me back and then I called her AND SHE ANSWERED ha. An hour drive later, we had a great conversation.

This morning I received to two text messages:

Prospect 1:  Just got home. Goodnight

Prospect 2: You made an otherwise drag of a day make me smile.



Update: There is only P2. I would call her P1 or by her nickname but I don’t want to confuse y’all…



  1. I was going to insert some kind statistic about the odds of meeting your soulmate online but  I am too tired to google. 
  2. I know looks shouldn’t be important, but yes I find both of them attractive. Totally different styles but attractive yes. 
  3. I was drunk. 

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