Super Gay Movie Review:  Starrbooty — starring @RuPaul

StarrbootyFirst, let me just say that my Starrbooty movie experience has been an adventure in the making. Back when this girl was a barely legal, college radio DJ on the graveyard shift at WRAS Atlanta 88.5fm (shameless plug), a caller requested a song from RuPaul’s Starrbooty.  I can’t recall all of the details but I ended up finding the album and playing the title track.  It was the most goddess-awful things I’d ever heard…and yet, I was in love.

I searched for her over the years and got close to finding her a few times but that Starrbooty kept eluding me. Finally, I heard that there was a new Starrbooty movie out and she was better than ever.  I am not disappointed. I am not only satisfied, I am GAGGING.

Starrbooty is not to be enjoyed while in anyway sober. I begin with this because it is simply true. There is no sense to be made of what you will see; however, all of your senses will be stimulated.  One other thing to note, you are entering the mind of RuPaul Charles.  Not the family friendly, VH-1 talk show host with the winning smile. Nope.  This is Pure Debauchery and it ain’t for the faint of heart.

Imagine RuPaul, Supermodel of the World, as Starrbooty, Top Secret Agent AND Supermodel of the World. She goes undercover as a street ho to find her niece who has been kidnapped by her arch nemesis, Annika Manners (Candis Cayne).  Now, that’s a mouthful! This dedicate auntie and spy does what she gotta do and works it out!  By the way, one will need to be well versed in Drag Speak to understand about 70percent of what’s being said in this movie. Otherwise…honey, uh-uh.

Page Turner (played by Lahoma Van Zandt) and Starrbooty go undercover as “Peppa” and “Cupcake” and hook up with some completely disgusting street hoes … (hos? I don’t know the plural for ho).  Their boss Max, played by gay porn star Gus Mattoxx, wants results and a little of that Starrbooty. Will he get it?  Hmm…you gotta see if you want the T.

Starrbooty aka Cupcake puts her ass on the line and her mouth on some… people.  Cupcake don’t care she is a dedicated ho and she always looks good.  She take pride in what she do, umm-hmm, and considers it a public service.  All I can remember repeating over and over again is, “This is the mind of RuPaul. This is the mind of RuPaul,” and it’s wacky in that girl’s head.

One of my favorite scenes is when Cupcake ends up at this tricks house and he licks her heels as she rides a workout bike.  It’s more graphic than you think…but no less funny than you can imagine. I was appalled yet laughing ‘til my spleen hurt…and wait! There’s more!  I will probably find myself saying, “My na (me) Cupcake,” at inappropriate times for months on end.

This movie is a drag whirlwind extravaganza! Girls in heels, girls on their knees and girls earnin’ a dollar the hard way is about 80 percent of the subject matter. In fact, at times I couldn’t tell if I was watchin’ a porn flick featuring RuPaul as Starrbooty or if I was watching the all drag revue of Mahogany. Whatever she is, I love that girl. This movie is irreverent, tacky and in some parts just down right disgusting, however; I laughed all the way through it.  Starrbooty was worth the twenty year wait…and I will probably quote her for years to come.

The End.



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