#SupportBlackLezBiz – AudaciouS

In light of my renewed FUBU attitude, every Monday we have decided to spotlight new black lesbian owned businesses in the new segment called #SupportBlackLezBiz.

I don’t know why we haven’t done this before… I have thought about it but never put it together. It seems so natural. We love supporting our community. We love online shopping. And we am sure at least a few of you guys do too. Now everything might not be for everyone, but we do want to showcase our sapphic sisters doing their things.  So let’s do it.

If you are into unique paycheck friendly pieces, check out AudaciouS. Curated and created by owner, @Raw_Artistry (photographed below), AudaciouS refers to their homemade bow ties and other accessories as “fearlessly, often recklessly daring; bold. spirited and original”.

owner copy
Can we get into both our shades and curls envy for a moment?


AudaciouS offers a cute collection of hand made pieces – from custom made vegan leather bow ties to bottle cap bracelets.



I am sure that “Message” $13 (Money in a glass bottle with feather, bullet casing and key charms) will be a conversation starter and for the cost of a South Beach mojito we are sold…

messageFor more, check them out on  TumblrFacebook, and IG. Oh and if you see anything you like we heardddddd that you can get 25% off your purchase with code: AUDACIOUS


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