#SupportBlackLezBiz – RedBone Press

Happy Monday my lovely lezzies. After an irie trip to Montego Bay (blog post in the works) last week, I am pretty exhausted but I didn’t want to skip out on #SupportBlackLezBiz.

If you are looking for a wonderful read whether you are curling up in front of the fire, or laying out in the sun check out RedBone Press.

Founded and edited by Lisa C. Moore1 (photographed below), RedBone Press prides itself on publishing work “celebrating the culture of black lesbians and gay men and promoting understanding between black gays and lesbians and the black mainstream.” lisa-c.-moore We can’t wait to sink our teeth into the 2nd edition of does your mama know? which has added 17 new stories to the award winning anthology of coming out stories. If we made a kit for the newly out lesbian, this would definitely one be of the pieces.   doesyourmamaknow_largeNot in front of the fire alone… read each other some passages from the lesbian erotica collection Speaking Whispers2 Whispers_large And for those who aren’t familiar with Sharon Bridgeforth3 and the bull jean stories… I will just leave this here.

bull_jean4web_largena/i’s a wo’mn what’s Lovved many wy’mns. me/they call bull-dog-jean        i say that’s cause i works lik somekinda old dog trying to git a bone or two they say it’s cause i be sniffing after wy’mns down-low/begging and thangs whatever.


For more, check them out on  Facebook.

  1. I didn’t want to objectify her by saying how hot she is… so I didn’t sideeye 
  2.  Any book written by an author that refers to themself as a militant total femme dyke deserves a read 
  3. Maybe I have a type…. just google her 

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