Lesbians of Color Dinner Party: Southern Hospitality Theme

What a year! It has been a wonderful year of the Lesbian of Color Dinner Party series. Thinking of starting your own group? Just want to play a party for yourself, check out July’s Southern Hospitality theme.  What could be more fun that a cup (or two) of Kentucky Bourbon, fresh watermelon and a house of lovely lesbians?


– Delicious Shrimp and Grits
– A to-die-for homemade red velvet cake
DIY photo booth with die cut props
 Midnight Moon’s Blackberry Moonshine… oh yeah


Yes those are my lime green walls, so we are working with my tiny living room. We wanted to create a southern home-grown feel so we made one large table for us all to sit together.  We decorated with burlap covered mason jars, birds, and my Granny’s pitcher. A crate embellished with a pearlized LOC on the front, filled with bright summer flowers gave the party that real southern feel!

A little extra: We placed vintage pictures of old school lesbians in mismatched frames around the table.


For the appetizers, Briggy made some delicious shrimp and grits. Super savory! They were to die for! I will try to score you the recipe.


You can’t have a southern hospitality family dinner without a plethora of food.  And boy did the hosts come through! Fried Chicken. Macaroni and Cheese. Cabbage. Cornbread. Pot Roast. Fresh Watermelon. Red Velvet Cake. Whew chile is all I can say.


What’s a LOC party without a signature drink… or 3? We had a mix of Bourbon cider, Blackberry Moonshine, and Not-Your-Granny’s Lemonade. Did we mention the cherries that had been sitting in vodka for over a month? Whew chile is all I can say.


I love love love polaroids! So I couldn’t resist a DIY photo booth session.  I found a set of die cut photo booth props (Shout out to my boo Amazon). My girl Donna gave me the super cute vintage looking frame to hang the pictures from as well. The crew loved them!


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