Operation Baby MSK is back on

2015 is so close I can count the days… so I have to get my mind together for Operation Baby MSK1.

gator_maternityshirtI must admit that with the all the in-your-face attacks on young black men, I have been rethinking whether I want to have a little person right now. But I said to myself if I wait for the world to treat black people equally, I will never have a baby.


So Operation Baby MSK is back on deck.

Step One: Get Right. Get Tight. Pregnancy Prep.

Everyone knows that a healthy mother increases the chances of a healthy baby.  I will be living and breathing for two, so I want to be in optimal health. Here are the four things I am going to do in the first half of 2015.

  • I need to get on those prenatal vitamins. I want to make sure I am ingesting the right amounts of vitamins and minerals (Plus I heard it is great for your skin and nails).
  • I need to lose weight to lower the chance of problems directly related to obesity (Obese is such an ugly word… I’m still sexy).
  • Put the coffee cups down. Drinking three or more cups of coffee a day may raises the chance of a miscarriage.
  • Put down the wine glasses too… I’m just saying.
  • I need to see Dr. Chung-James. Before I get too far, I need a head-to-toe check-up to reveal any conditions that may impact my ability to have MSK.

And this is not my issue but, all of my fellow lezzies that are prepping for baby making. STOP SMOKING (anything).


Step Two: Check Those Levels

I know Dr. Chung-James is an epic doctor (She has been the doctor for 3 generations of the K Word ladies) and is on point but I do have a list of things I need to her to check out:

  • STD and genetic disorder testing (I mean I know I am good2 … but I want to knooooooooow)

  • Stirrups up: Physical examination and pap test

  • Not your SATs: Take an ovarian reserve test to measure my FSH levels3 .  — I might do the home test with products like the First Reponse Fertility Test beforehand too though…

  1. Yes my daughter/son has initials already 

  2. Unless a big forehead and excellent [fill in the blanks] is a genetic disorder. 
  3.  Follicle Stimulating Hormone, (FSH), is a hormone that signals the ovaries to mature one or more eggs for ovulation each month/cycle. If your ovarian reserve (eggs) is low in quantity or quality your FSH level may be high. 

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