Cuba Club Collection + 5 Bonus Things To Know About Cuba Travel

Ready to live La Havana Vida? Planning some cuba travel in your future? Here are a couple of things to know:

1.  I can’t wait to lay on the beach drinking mojitos and smoking Cohibas,

  • Well… you might just have to wait. While any American wishing to visit Cuba for one of 12 purposes may now do so without having to apply for a license on a case-by-case basis, tourism is still banned by the embargo… so no lay around vacations just yet.


Welcome to Miami (Purple) – $14.00 USD shipping included


2. Ok… so how do I get to go? Someone mentioned people to people? What is that?

  • People-to-people trips are educational programs that fall into one of the 12 categories of general-license travel. They’re one of the most popular ways to go to Cuba because anybody can join a trip and your itinerary is worked out for you. Because they are organized trips with full schedules of meetings, lectures and visits to artists’ studios or small businesses or community projects.


Join the Club – $14.00 USD shipping included


3. Well how will they even know?

  • Good question. Now you know the old addage about what is done in the dark comes to light… umkay. There is a little bit of confusion about who is doing the checking BUT if you sign an affidavit saying you are going to Cuba for a particular purpose and in fact spend a week at the beach, you would be breaking the law (read: about to pay a big old fine)


Holiday Isle – $14.00 USD shipping includedbtn_buynowCC_LG

4.  Can I at least bring a Cuban cigar home?

  • Americans can now bring back up to $400 worth of souvenirs, including $100 worth of cigars. So get your puff puff and your pass on and bring back a bottle of Havana Club while you are at it.


 Let’s Go!  – $14.00 USD shipping included


5. Ok I am ready… I need more details.

  • Contact a travel agent. If you are looking for a KWord recommendation, my personal travel agent Dynamite Travel has hooked me up from Puerto Rico to Madrid.

I am actually planning (in my head) to join her people to people trip group to Cuba in January.

If you reach out to her with any travel related options she will give you a discount code for free shipping on any of my travel journals. Only takes a second. Woot Woot!

Did I mention:

Under the new regulations, travelers are required to keep receipts of their travel transactions for five years after they return. In most cases, they are also expected to have a full-time schedule of activities related to their category of travel.

What a great way to use one of our Cuba Travel Journals. All come with a envelope for storing receipts, stubs, tickets or whatever you would like, $14 USD and free shipping.

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