KTravel: The Taste of Spain (Photojournal)

I have been home from Spain a total of 4 days. I am trying to get back into the swing of things but my life has been a little non-stop since hitting the tarmac.

I can’t wait to share my journey with you over the next few posts. The foodie in me has to start with one of the best dining experiences I have ever had abroad or in the states.

I am growing and am no longer petty so I am sharing the restaurant names and locations… for the ones I have. 

First stop off the plane was the Museo de Jamon, a Madrid staple. All I wanted was a cerveza and a bocadillo de jamon (iberico of course). It was a great meal for 4 euros. I was ready for the day to get going.


Day Two, we went to the Summumm Gastroespacio showcooking class (shout out to Groupon!). We had 5 courses of amazing food. From tuna to duck to beef, it was muy guapo.  Extra bonus: we met a great a couple who gave us more insight into places to go in Madrid and Barcelona.

My personal favorite was the Mojioto (duh!)

Next up, we stumbled upon this place while getting ready for our first night out in Madrid.

The food was great, the waitress was very sweet and helpful. We loved every bit of food and even a week later (and at least a dozen meals later) Casa Maravillas still has the award for the best patatas bravas… and the pulpo was amazing too. Let’s let the pictures speak from themselves.


Then we went to Barcelona and I got my whole entire life! Now I would share the name of the restaurant with you… if I could remember it.

*10 minutes of googling later*

Bar Teruel is the truth. It is a real local neighborhood spot that we stumbled across while I was on my Mango Outlet search.

Anyway, this was my favorite meal of the whole entire trip. Eel with shrimp and egg. OMG! *moment of silence*. Just take a peek…


And there pulpo was no slouch either. I would definitely go back if I was strolling down the Carrera de Girona.20150630_204951

And last but not least Sevilla Sevilla Sevilla… I didn’t want to expect more from you than a great flamenco…. but then this happened.


Cafe Bar Miguel served this duck foie gras for the GAWDS. I thought I was eating cheesecake. 
End scene.

Here are some more pictures for my OM NOM adventure through Spain

2 thoughts on “KTravel: The Taste of Spain (Photojournal)”

    1. IT WAS AMAZING. We hung out in Chueca which is the gayberhood 3 different nights. I will say the boys outnumber the girls (but what is new). I did have the pleasure of being their during Madrid Pride the second half of my trip. IT WAS EVERYTHING. I had a great time.

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