Super Gay Movie in the Works: Macho

I know it has been a while since I posted but between my journals and my trip to Spain (pics to be posted soon) and everything else crazy going on…. I have been swamped.

But the project I am about to share about was very very important to me for several reasons but I will give you two. 1. Friend of the blog (and real life), super director Deana Williams  is attached to the project. 2. It is being shot in North central Florida, which you know is where my people are from (yes I said it as country as it sounded). I can remember spending my childhood there drinking Bright n Early and sitting on the porch with my Ma Helen.

Written and Directed by Faren Humes, Macho is a story of acceptance and the transforming power of love.

The killing of a local transgender woman causes a rift within the small town of Sanderson, Fl and tests the bond of an ailing conservative uncle and his effeminate nephew. The two embark on a journey where Lester counsels Macho on the tenets of manhood.

For a little more on the project and the director, please check out the video below.

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