Lez Go Somewhere: Memorial Weekend 2016 Trip to Curacao

So I have had quite a few people ask me about how I travel so much or say that they would love to get out of the country for a few days. So after mulling it around and getting input from some of you I am inviting you all to my Memorial Weekend 2016 Trip.

But then the next question was where?

I love the Caribbean for lots of reasons. Great weather… laid back atmosphere… and usually great prices. The caveat being that many Caribbean islands aren’t exactly gay friendly and inclusive. No one wants to spend money to go on a trip to be shunned or having to hide. No bueno.  So I was extremely pumped when I was told about Curacao not once but three times within a month.

Curacao is a  beautiful  island on the southern tip of the Caribbean just off the coast of Venezuela.  It has gorgeous beaches, cultural attractions to visit AND Curacao prides itself on being gay friendly. It has the highest membership rate of businesses in the IGLTA (International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association) and a tight-knit community of friendly, accepting locals. And in case you were wondering, English is widely spoken on the island so another barrier is broken down.

Perfect? I knoooooooooow.

I am definitely going but I wanted to open it up to anyone else that wants to go as well. And no you don’t have to be gay… because that would be whack.

Want more details? Check it out.

Anyone willing to do this gets a drink on me!

After looking at the prices and because we all want to maximize our vacation days, I chose  May 26th, 2016 to May 30th, 2016.  

$600.00 per person, not including air.

~ Deposit amount is $150.00 due on or before September 20, 2015

~Monthly payments of $150.00, $150.00 and $150.00 due on the 15th of each month beginning January 15, 2016 and ending on March 15,2016

That’s a total of 4 payments including the deposit of $150.00

Right now flights from Miami are about 425.00 round trip (cheaper for later flights but you will miss some of the fun).  If you want to include your flight,  that is available. (That’s what I do so I can pay payment plans on everything). Of course your total package cost will change depending on where you are flying from.

• Double Occupancy Hotel Accommodations
• Private Group Transfers to and from the airport
• Two Excursions
• Welcome Event/ Meet and Greet
• Souvenir Gift Bag with Goodies

And more… I made a connection with the Curacao Tourism Board while researching places, but the details are a secret.

If you are a solo traveler, there are opportunities like trip mate matching and/or a solo supplement.

Interested email Dynamite Travel — info@sodynamite.com

Did I mention that the cover picture is from the actual hotel we will be staying at? YESSSSSS

To like is superhuman, to comment is divine.

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