KTravel: Solo Trip to #AfroPunk… The Great, The More Great, and the Well….

20150824_123616-1 (2)

The Great: I met some dope chicks… over a stack of wine. I don’t know if I am a lesbian magnet but of course that’s who I crewed up with. We laughed, we danced, and we flicked it up. The festival love was overflowing and they definitely were the highlight of my trip.

Special kudos to my unofficial festival wife, who held me up when I almost succumbed to a “I been drankin” stumble. Cuz hunty I refused to be that one girl… who passed out… and no one claimed her. Sidenote: I hope she is ok.

20150822_133202Fashion Distraction: I kinda loved my Afropunk look… which wasn’t much different than my any other day look but with a little extra.

Naturally Dope Earrings from @Leather Candy on Etsy. Four Women Shirt (You know I had to represent Auntie Nina) from Philadelphia Printworks. Rings… probably Burlington Coat Factory.

But I did love when a guy rattled off 5 designer names asking what kind of glasses I was wearing and I shrugged and said umm… I got them for 10 bucks on Amazon Prime and had them put my prescription in it. I think that disappointed him. shrugs

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