KTravel: Solo Trip to #AfroPunk… The Great, The More Great, and the Well….

20150822_203605More Great: I saw Lauryn Hill in concert… I saw the Lauryn Hill of my generation in concert. The one that sparked a whole generation… that ignited our passions for music and sisterhood and excellence. I can’t even explain to you how it felt. It was an experience that while you are in it it you are mesmerized… after it is over you can’t believe it was real. But… yeah I’m a fan.

I got turned on to SZA who had a very trippy stage presence, which I dug. I am late to the train I know I know but… yeah all aboard. She will be downloaded today.

And then Motha Grace Jones brought her freaky, funky, fabulous self on stage and SHOWED OUT. My phone died by that time (sorry — just go on instagram you will see her) but I should have known it was about to go down when I saw old dude practicing on the stripper pole. YASSSS!

Screenshot_2015-08-24-12-22-30-1And Kudos to the #BlackTransLivesMatter segment  that I was happily surprised to see. They did a take on Janelle Monae’s Hell You Talmbout for the 21 transgender people that have been murdered this year.

It was great to see them in a mainstream (kinda) space. When you say Black Lives Matter… it needs to be all of us.

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