Super Gay Movie Review of the Week: Ambrosia

ambrosiaOkay so maybe this isn’t the super gay movie of the week… or the month… or maybe even the year but this is indeed the first Super Gay Movie in a very long damn time.

Now before I go into the actual review I blame myself and Netflix for watching this movie.

See what had happened was I was working on my journals last night and I needed some distraction. So I said “Hey let me watch a lezzie movie on Netflix.” I searched lesbian movie and for some reason this was the only one that came up. There was a hot ethnic (yes I said ethnic) woman on the poster… so I was sold.

Yeah… I know that’s what I get.

Now watching: Ambrosia directed By Baharak Saeid Monir

Plot Snapshot: Fashion professional is being hit on by her lesbian boss… will go for the gay or stay with her man?

Now when I started watching the movie I was like… Oh Lord another one of those let me leave my long-suffering but lame husband for this exciting lesbian sexpot story lines. I had braced myself for the  Elena Undone of it all but then… it wasn’t even that.

I am still not sure if it was a pro-lesbian movie or anti-lesbian movie or pro-Islamic or anti-Islamic … or just… chiiile.

All I do know was that it was anti-climatic, anti-thematic, and pretty much anti-watchable. The story line was lacking. The acting was cliche and unbelievable. It’s one of those movies that hoped it could get by because of its pretty face… nope.

It wasn’t a story of about discovery of a new love or a rediscovery of an old love. It was about a predatory lesbian who should have been in someone’s sexual harassment super class. A wife who you didn’t know whether you wanted to hug or slap. And a husband that was losing even when he was winning.

Ok… my mama said if you don’t have anything nice to say shut up… so yeah. That’s all I got.


Sidenote: If any of our readers are either LGBT movie watchers or book readers that want to contribute reviews, please let me know at kristi [at] thekword [dot] com.





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