KREAD: Pat Greene: Her Story by ANONDRA “KAT” WILLIAMS

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Like most series on this blog, I haven’t written a KRead review in a while. But seeing that today is National Book Day, I decided to get back on the proverbial horse.

This is actually the second book I will be reviewing by Anondra “Kat” Williams. Way back when I read her first offering black girl love. For those who haven’t read it, it is an extremely sensual experience… hmm… that I might have to relive.

Fast forward five years to her newest work, Pat Greene: Her Story. I must admit, this book has been languishing in my Amazon Kindle queue for a while, but I am very happy I finally read it.

Plot Snapshot: The coming of age story of Pat Greene, a black lesbian everywoman, filled with love, loss and a little lust.

Simply put. I loved it. A short read, it only took me a lunch time to get through it. But by the time I was done I felt I knew Patricia as if we were old friends, or even lovers that spent time in each others’ bed a night or two. Actually if I am more honest, I saw a lot of myself in Patricia, hers a cautionary tale told too many lovers too late.

The words lifted off the page in a flow that made me think I was really speaking with her in the back booth of her favorite bar. After sizing me up, she decided I was worth the trouble of reliving and retelling her story and let me sit down. While she drank her vodka and cranberry, (we both drink vodka and cranberry) I heard tales of pimps, hoes, heartbreak and final love. She only hoped I took something from her, but her experience said I probably wouldn’t.

She might be right but of one thing I am sure. I am grateful.

Have you read it? Thoughts? Any other books you suggest?

Kristi K is the K of the KWord. She is a part-time blogger and full-time lezzie. Born, bred and cultivated in Dade county, you can usually find her sipping super juice at a local hole in the wall bar or stirring up trouble on Twitter at @kristiweb.

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