Tips to a Big Fun/Small Budget Trip to Turks and Caicos #KKDays

The Game Plan:

We opted out of snorkel cruises for several reasons, a) We are from Florida and b) We didn’t want to give up a whole day on such a short trip.1

We did however find an ALKI-oasis at the Flavors of the Turks and Caicos store. They give you small tastes of the local brand Bambarra Rum. There were a total of 5 to try: Silver, Gold, Black, Coconut and Trouvadore.

Our favorites was the 15 year old Trouvadore (her choice), while I was happy with the Coconut Rum.

Happy Birthday Khaulah!

We met some cool couples, talked college football trash (Go Gators), broke out the Polaroid Fuji Instax and hopefully made some networking connections.

Special shout out to the ladies that worked the store, we had a blast. Thanks for posting birthday love on your instagram (@fottac)

We definitely left with a buzz and good vibes just for the price of a smile.

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