Tips to a Big Fun/Small Budget Trip to Turks and Caicos #KKDays

Getting Around:

Aside for the million dollar sunscreen and billion dollar drinks, we were told that the next wallet sucker would be transportation. 30.00 per person for taxi? The heck. No thank you. I am a jitney kind of girl when traveling abroad. Several websites (trip advisor and the tourism board) specifically spoke strongly against the use of them.


But we jumped in and out of them the whole trip for a whopping 3.00 per person per ride. It was super easy for those who are interested.

Step 1: Leave your hotel/airbnb/condo and go to the street.

Step 2: Stand there.

That’s pretty much it. Within a few seconds or at most a few minutes a driver in an unmarked private car2 will pull up to you. Jump on in and tell them where you are going. Don’t ask them how much it costs because that will mark you as a tourist. It is a flat 3.00 per person. When you get out the car just hand them the 3.00 and have a ball. Spend the extra 27.00 on a bottle of Bambarra.


Before I forget, take a moment to get bottled water for your place. We heard several times that drinking the tap water can be hit or miss. IGA or Graceway is the answer.

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