Tips to a Big Fun/Small Budget Trip to Turks and Caicos #KKDays

Other Stuff:

These aren’t really pricing related but here are a few things left to share.

The Eats: Food was ok… Keep in mind we live in Florida and I have traveled all over the Caribbean so I am picky about seafood.

We did have a GREAT meal at Fresh Catch in Provo. I had the grouper with mango butter sauce. I was absolutely in love with it. I had heard several reviews before heading there so I was expecting good things. It was SO MUCH MOOOOOORE lol. I would definitely recommend it. She had the whole Red Snapper dinner and it was equally amazing (maybe even a little more amazing if I am honest). We got 2 for 1 drinks as well. So with tax and gratuity we spent about 80.00. And it was well worth it.

Cuban Crafters TCI is the main cigar shop on the island. Weirdly enough they didn’t have any tobacco to hand roll cigars while we were there. So we didn’t stay long BUT in true KKDays fashion3 we stumbled across another cigar shop next to Jimmy’s Dive. We walked in and met an amazing guy named Rodney. He gave us glasses of wine (people love giving us free wine) and showed us his spot. We hung out there for a good hour and ended up with some cool cigars. Definitely would recommend that spot. I think it is an offshoot of Cuban Crafters but I am not sure.

Overall we had a good time. We ate drank and were very merry for less that 500.00 per person (flight/lodging/food/drinks/souvenirs). I would recommend it for anyway that wants a quick getaway. But there are other countries that are a little better bang for your buck. I did Barbados earlier this year and it was an epic experience for probably 100-150.00 less.

Oh as a lesbian traveler, I felt safe. We weren’t in rainbow attire but we are pretty gay. Hugging and arbitrary touching didn’t seem to get more than a cursory glance. shrugs


  1. If you are interested in the cruises though, Provo has a lot — If you are interested one I have heard GREAT things about Island Vibes Tours
  2. Now look here be smart, don’t jump in the car with Freddy Kreuger or Fresh Out of Jail Inmate 1234567. 
  3. KK Days is a thing… I will explain one day but just let it suffice to say things always work out when they are on. 

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