Chapter 1. Sinclair

Is this dude really serious? See I would be wrong if I slapped the shit out of him. As I looked around the bedroom I shared with David, my man of the last 5 years, I couldn’t believe I was actually in this situation. I was hoping something would happen and I would wake up out of this crazy ass nightmare but there was absolutely nothing that could erase my reality.

As I walked into the living room and saw his dumb ass sitting there with the nerve to have tears in his eyes, I shook my head to stop my rage. All the times that I sat there waiting and praying that he came home in one piece. All the times I begged him to spend quality time with me, and now he wants to cry? I guess he finally realized that I was not EVER coming back. It only took 3 little… no 3 BIG ASS letters. S T D. This asshole gave me CHLAMYDIA!  When that fake Facebook account inboxed me that I should get myself checked out, I was shocked. I wanted to ignore it and chalk it up to it being one of the scandalous hoes that had been chasing him for years, but something told me that this was some something to follow up on. A trip to planned parenthood and it was confirmed my dude had a dirty ass dick.

I have been with this man since I was 21 years old, when I literally ran into his ass on the quad of University of Florida campus.

I was rushing from my sociology class through the center of campus trying to meet up with my best friend Toni so I could grab her lab notes. I wasn’t paying the closest attention when I suddenly ran into a wall of fine ass man. Like fiiiiine ass man. I planned to mumble a quick apology, but when I saw his face I caught my breath. His skin was a rich butter pecan hue and his eyes were a light green that almost looked grey. He was tall and solid, at least 6’6 or 6’7,with arms filled with tattoos. He had his shoulder length dreads pulled back out of his face. Dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and an orange polo shirt, I was entranced. A long walk across campus, and a dozen angry text messages from Toni later, I had met my man.

Looking at his hoe ass now, I wish I looked where the hell I was walking that day. Over the years, there were dozens of women that threw themselves at him. They saw a big black man strolling around campus and they just KNEW he was a football player. I can’t count the amount of times that girls would come up to us to tell him how great he was in the game. The negro didn’t play anyone’s football unless Madden 12 counted. I would roll my eyes at their thirst. I never was worried because he wouldn’t pay them any mind. He was all mine, or so I thought.

After college, there was no question that we were going to be together. Since I graduated a year earlier than him, we decided that I would move back to Miami to the house my mom gifted me while he finished up his senior year. It was all good at first but when he decided to push graduation out a year I should have known something was up. He no longer was available when I called. He was always hanging out with his cousins, drinking and smoking. I thought it was out of his character for him, but I chalked it up to him missing me. I trusted him when he said he was at the library or sleeping after a long night of studying. How could I not trust my man?

Yeah, I know…  dumb as hell. When he told me that he wasn’t going to be able to come to Miami for the break between semesters, I knew he was full of shit. I should have cut my losses then but my heart didn’t want to believe that he was being unfaithful. When I got a random text from his older sister, Kisha, that I needed to come back up to Gainesville to check on my man, my alarms went off like “You in danger girl”.

Two days later, I jumped in my trusty ‘10 Acura Integra, turned up my Jazmine Sullivan Reality Show cd and hit the road. The whole drive up there I was silently praying that he was being true, while my best friend/sister Toni was loudly screaming “I wish a motherfucker would”.

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