I’m Hungry…

Picture it Sicilly…

Ok I’m not sure why I just had this Golden Girls moment except for the fact that I am becoming delirious. Jai (the boo) and I are trying intermittent fasting… again.[1]

For those that don’t know what intermittent fasting is, here is the rundown as I know [2]

So first things first intermittent fasting is a life change not a diet. [3] . It is basically using your clock, instead of your calories, to set your eating plans and reach your weight loss goals. Sounds good eh? For someone like me that will eat when I am bored I think it will help. For Jai, it will help her be more focused on eating and be one less thing she has to figure out. Win Win right?

Mmm hmm just pray for us. I mean if you are doing to give us a Jesus shout out, don’t just pray for that because we have a new development deal in Los Angeles that will be the death of me. LA real estate is a blessing and a curse and I am trying not to curse for 2019.

another pause to come back from delirium Focus girl.

… okay back to what intermittent fasting is. So basically it is a cycle of eating and fasting. There are a couple of ways to go about it, including the Eat Pray Love Eat Stop Eat style, where you don’t eat ANYTHING two days out of the week… I would die or kill.

The one we are going with is called Leangain (also called the 16:8). The way leangain works is that you are only allowed to during an 8 hour period every day. So for example what we are doing it eating between 9am and 3pm everyday. Once 3pm hits we are only going to drink water (or 0 calorie drinks) until the next day. I must say it wasn’t that bad the first time around, but Jai and I ended up going to Brazil and well there went that. My sister Emm started around the same time that I did but has kept going. She has lost like 25 pounds and is super dupa fine now. I saw her two weekends ago and am now proud and pumped.

So y’all close your eyes and bow your heads and say a prayer for me…. dramatic pause.




[1] Ok, this is a first time for her but a “again” for me.

[2] Which means what I gathered from google… which also means if you try it and lose your pinky toe don’t blame me… IJS

[3] Even though the only reason we are doing this is because my ass..ets don’t fit in any of the clothes that I just bought because I just KNEW they were the right size. Chiiiile.

6 thoughts on “I’m Hungry…”

  1. One of my friends has done intermittent fasting for a while(the version where you don’t eat for two days) and she’s lost a TON of weight. I’m like you though, I would die or kill someone if I went two days without eating… hell, even just one day. The eating only eight hours a day sounds much more doable. Good luck to yall!


    1. Thanks for coming by 💛. I will admit I am hungry right now but I think it will take me a few days to get in the hang of things. It is definitely worth it. My sister lost so much weight I am definitely on board!

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