Chapter 2: Joy

“Didn’t I tell your ass it was on sight every time my dude?” Toni said pointing her finger in David’s face. Did he really bring his nasty tail out here with a whole other bitch?

“Baby who is this?” the woman that he was kissing moments earlier asked meekly. She had no idea she was about to get caught in the hurricane that is Toni.

“Bitch don’t question him about who the fuck I am!” Toni glared. “ You need to question the doctor about your lab work if you are laid up with his pus leaking dick. Now back to you pussy nigga.” turning her attention to David.

Before I could blink, I saw him punch the fuck out of her face like she was a grown ass man. As Toni was laid out on the floor, Sinclair had squared up and was lighting fire in his ass. People always took her for weak because she didn’t bother anyone, but of all of us Sinclair definitely had those hands. She always said she got into boxing to tone up but that girl just loved to hit folks. She was connecting hit after hit. One of her punches landed so strong, I knew that nigga lost a tooth. Even though he was trying to hold her back instead of hitting her, his woman beating ass couldn’t be trusted. I went to rush his ass, when a pair of strong arms pulled me back from behind.

“Nah ma. You sit your pregnant ass right here. I got this” a husky voice said as he gently pushed back to my bar stool.

I looked at him in surprise since I only 4 months and barely showing… or so I thought. I grabbed my phone from the bar and called Kevin.

“I am on my way” he barked before disconnecting my call. I looked at the phone in another moment of confusion. I don’t know why I would be surprised, nothing moved in the city without my man knowing. Especially if I or his sister were in the area.

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