Chapter 2: Joy

I knew I should have stayed my ass on that stool but I had to see if my girls were ok. I bent down to check on Toni as she came to.

“Oh boo are you ok?” I looked at her lovingly. I saw that her eye was definitely going to close up. I only hoped her nose wasn’t broken.

“I’m good Joy”

“Nah she ain’t good but she is going to be”, said the stranger who now stood between David and Sinclair. He gave her a wink before his eyes turned black and glared at David.

“So my nigga you like hitting on women now? Like I saw you grinning and shit so you must like it. What about grown fucking men? You want to hit me? Will that make your ass smile? Can a real dude catch this fade or nah? ” he said chuckling. I wasn’t sure if he was chuckling to himself or at David but I knew that shit was creepy as fuck.

“Man that bitch has too much mouth. I ain’t got no beef with you” David said trying to keep his stance strong. We all knew he was bitch made and for all his bravado he wasn’t going to buck up.

“But my dude I have beef with you so… man fuck this weak shit.” the mystery man pulled back and punched David square in the jaw. If Sinclair hadn’t broken it before, it was definitely broken now. Soon David laid on ground leaking, the stranger going to work with shots at his body making sure it was going to match his battered face. As he stood back up looking at the bloody mess that was left, Kevin, Pop and Boogie came in with their guns drawn ready for war.

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