Chapter 2: Joy

“Baby I’m hungry” I whined.

“Joy baby. I just laid down. You should have been eating instead of sitting up playing Destiny’s Child, with Toni and my damn sister.” Kevin yawned, throwing back the comforter to get up. He and I both knew that even though he was complaining there was nothing he would rather do then cater to my and our baby. Kevin has always made me feel like a queen since we have been together. But since we found out our family is expanding he has been even more attentive. The girls think I am spoiled and maybe I am but my man wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Baby it’s not my fault. Your baby is hungry.” I said pouting my lip out.

“What does my son want Joyce Michelle?” He said stumbling to the drawer to find something to wear. I almost felt bad for him.

“Your CHILD”, I said with emphasis on child. I don’t know why he always said we were having a boy. We weren’t going to find out for a few more days.” I think they want a stack of banana pecan pancakes, scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, and a few pieces of turkey bacon.”

He shook his head before throwing on a pair of basketball shorts and a white tank. Damn my man was fine. I watched him with a smile and he grabbed his keys to head out the door.

“And a sweet tea!” I yelled after him before rolling back over. I hope I was awake when he got back.

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