Set it Right Sundays – #1 – Seeking and Capturing Peace

Happy Sunday (and of course more specifically — Happy Mother’s Day).

I was going to write a post about my mother… then I was going to write a post about the debacle I had with Proflowers over Jai’s mother’s flowers… then I was going to write about my own current journey trying to conceive…

Obviously by the title and the picture of me covered in bubbles none of those happened.

Today is all about seeking and capturing peace.

I woke up this morning, got myself together, and went to praise the Lord at The Bethel Church right around the corner from my house. I try to watch it live as much as I can, but today I got up in time to get there on time. There is something about being in the House instead of just watching from the house.

I was so glad I went.

Right in front of me there was one of those old school church mothers. You know the kind. As she swayed her hips to “Something About the Name Jesus” with just an extra bit of sway, you knew she had a story to tell and that she hadn’t always been what the kids called saved saved. What I would give to just sit under her for a few minutes.

Lots of singing and swaying the Pastor got up to talk. I like him. He seems down to Earth, like he would be as comfortable at the pulpit and he would the corner bar (not in a bad way but IJS).  His whole sermon was about peace and the power of it. If anyone is not bringing peace to your life, they shouldn’t be a piece of your life.[1] He also said if you decide to stay in a situation that does nothing but take your peace from you then, that is your decision. You can’t blame anyone other than yourself for your lack of peace. I sat there for two seconds… took a deep breath and said Amen.

So today is the beginning of Set It Right Sundays.

I am committing to making sundays my day for self-care, self-enrichment and self love. Every Sunday, I will do something either large or small that speaks to one of those tenets.

I can not expect anyone to love on me more than I love on myself.

Since today was not planned, my self-care was a collection of small movements.

51CVTEjYZ9LI just finished giving myself a pamper facial which calmed my whole spirit [2], turned on my Anthony Hamilton playlist [3], and am about to start reading my new book “Get Over It – Thought Therapy for Healing the Hard Stuff” by Iyanla Vanzant. It was gift from Jai that I can’t wait to read and review for you all. The only thing missing is a glass of wine but that doesn’t fit with my intermittent fasting.[4]

The last thing before I close my eyes (other than saying goodnight to Jai of course) will be to set up my planner. I am an analog girl when it comes to my love for writing letters and journaling, but digital planning has become my new favorite thing. I will blog about that this week some time too…

Do you all have any weekly regimens that you use to get yourself ready for the week? Do you want more details on my new found ones? Any that you suggest? 

deep peaceful sigh Goodnight.

[1] Ok he didn’t say that exact sentence but that’s what I got from it.

rdn-100pct-organic-virgin-sea-buckthorn-fruit-oil-30ml[2] Even though I look like an Oompa Loompa because the Buckthorn Fruit oil from Deciem has me looking orange as all hell.

[3] I am gay gay but something about his voice makes me so happy and at peace.

[4]I think Sundays are going to be my cheat days going forward.

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