Per our last conversation…

Jesus be a fence… around me and my da– doggone desk.

I was having a great week at work. Feeling accomplished. Being a team player. Getting compliments on how great my makeup looks today from a legit celebrity makeup artist. Living my best 9 to 5 life…. until about 126 minutes ago.

The devil tried to get busy and I had to shoot the most “PER OUR LAST CONVERSATION HOE”[1] email that I have ever sent in my life… so far.

Without going into the eye rolling details…[2] one of my coworkers didn’t like a decision that the group had made earlier about how to handle a corporate project. When she called me today, on a separate matter, she tried to rehash the conversation as if I wasn’t on the call the first time. I reminded her of the original decision that the group had made and her response was “We should ask your boss”.

clutches my pearls

I took a beat and summoned all the good juju I had left from Set It Right Sunday. I tried to save her by reminding her that my boss was on the original call too. Nope she wasn’t getting the hint. I said, Ok schedule the meeting and let’s make sure that the other people from the implementation group are on the call for consensus. She gave a simple Ok and that she will set it up. Perfect… this should be interesting.

TWO SECONDS later, I get an email that including everyone, including my boss and her boss, where she is saying that I made this suggestion (yes she said suggestion as opposed to group decision), that was UNPROFESSIONAL and that she was not comfortable with.

blink blink pause blink blink [3]

I hit her with that “Per our last conversation” so quick I almost got a cramp… added a good old “business critical” and ended with a “Please advise”.


One of the other people on the project chimed in with “We don’t have the bandwidth for any other solution.”


Then my boss hit her with the “I agree with Kristi” and added her own “We had already come to this agreement on our previous call.”

Finish her

I tried to save her but like Project Pat said “She don’t want to be saved”. She wanted all of the PROFESSIONAL smoke.  So now I am sitting here drinking my good water, staying hydrated, and living my best professional life. She is sitting there looking like she can’t hear or she can’t remember. Neither are a good look.

bald headed hair flip


[1] Yes I was being extra… and need y’all to understand how in my feelings I was about this whole damn situation.

[2] Because I need this good paying job until Jai whisks me way from this place and makes an honest woman of me (well as honest as I can be made). .

[3] sorewaterykronosaurus-size_restricted.gifAll I could see was this scene play in my head:

Celie: [holding a knife to Albert’s throat] I curse you. Until you do right by me everything you think about is gonna crumble!
Sofia: Don’t do it Miss Celie. Don’t trade places with what I been through.
Shug: Come on Miss Celie let’s go to the car.
Sofia: He ain’t worth it, he ain’t worth it

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