Set it Right Sundays #2 – You are a Whole Mood!

Hi Lovebugs!

I am back! I planned on writing another post Thursday, but y’all know work was trying my patience. However, the week and the project actually both ended on a high note and I’m still gainfully employed [1].

pats myself on the back

So I am continuing to hydrate, my skin is glowing up [2], and fasting is still a thing all 2019.

This weekend was an impactful one, even though I didn’t leave the house much.

I did my weekly mediation yesterday during the Scorpio full moon. Since this moon is one for purging and refocusing, I released some things that weren’t productive or  blessing my life. I pray that they stay gone and am going to do the work to ensure that they do.


Next I got dolled up for my FaceTime date night with Jai [3]. We are re-watching the whole series of The Wire. It sucks that we can’t have a glass of wine or pop some popcorn, but we are both trying to be summertime So all we could do was drink water and feast on each other’s eyes [4].

I can’t believe it has been 17 years since the Wire came out. It has been long enough that I don’t remember many of the episode plots but recent enough that I know it was an amazing show [5]. Since Jai is Chiraq born and bred, I peppered her with dozens of questions about the show [6]. She humored me for quite a bit before asking me if this was just research for another book. It wasn’t… but it sure could be. Hmm.

I am still working through Iyanla’s book “Get Over It”. One of the things that stuck with me this week and worked perfectly with both what I released during my Scorpio full moon AND what the Bishop preached in church is this:

We often give much more energy to process a negative experience than we are willing to give reveling in a positive one.

If someone you care about says you they love, you will take that statement and appreciate. You might even think about it again with a smile. But eventually you will file it away in the back of your head. BUT BAY-BEE let someone you care about say something negative like they don’t love you or that they don’t fool with you. You will sit there thinking about that for hours and days. You will think about every experience you have ever had with them to look for signs of why they said it. You will turn every positive encounter into a lie and every negative encounter into a sign. You will lament over how you “let them in” and how unfair and hurtful they were. You will pray about it. You will meet up with your girlfriends to vent. You might even call your mama.

If we spent our energy on the positive experiences in our life and embraced them as much (or hopefully more) than the negative ones, we will put ourselves in the mindset of expecting, not just accepting good things.

We must identify ourselves as ones that good things happen to. We must identify ourselves as ones that succeed and excel in life. Once we identify as those kind of people, when things contrary to that happen, we will realize that that is merely the solitary experience, not a total some of our life and life direction. Once we focus on and carry ourselves in line with our identity of greatness. It will change our mindsets and effect how we move in the world.

Here’s a bonus: A great residual effect of that mindset is that when we see ourselves on a higher plane it makes it that much harder for anyone or anything trying to bring us down to reach us.

What do you all think? How is your week going? Are there any positive experiences that you can get cozy and snuggle with?

[1] For those who were concerned, no I didn’t slap anyone.

[2] One of these days I am going to get April for Glamour Impulse to partner with me on a post about my new skincare routine.

[3] Long distance relationships require a lot of creativity and work.

[4] And how much I used to crush on the lesbian cop who I remember googling waaaaay back then to end up brokenhearted when I found out she was straight.

[5] Oh yeah that was CORNY CORNY!

[6] Yes I know The Wire is in Baltimore but Chicago… Baltimore… tomatoe…tomato (haha!) Fight me about it.

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