Sew Right Journeys: Brightline


Hi Lovebugs!

Hope everyone had a nice Memorial weekend.

I will say I had a whirlwind weekend that ended up being beautiful after a storm.

I will blog about it one day soon (I think) but until then I have to tell you about the fabulous thing I learned about this weekend, the Brightline train.

So for those of us who were living under a rock, the Brightline train is the new-ish way to get from downtown Miami all the way to West Palm Beach (with one additional stop in Fort Lauderdale).

For the cost of anywhere from $10-40 dollars (depending on the promos and where you are going), you can have a cocktail, put your feet up and get from downtown Miami to downtown Fort Lauderdale in 30 minutes. YAS!


Here is a trip tip: Get there a little early so you can enjoy the super chic waiting room.

Presently, there is a Wizard of Oz installation at the Miami hub, complete with a larger than life red shoe.

The brunch gods are forever pleased.




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