Chapter 4: Damien

“Good morning”

“Hi. I should be ready in a minute” she said gathering the rest of her things without looking at me.

I wasn’t sure what her problem was but I didn’t really have the time to get into it. I had a meeting to go to. My goal was to hurry up so we could kick it again but maybe she had something else going on. I saw her touch her face as she saw the damage in the morning light. She wiped a tear from her eye before walking passed me into the living room.

“Did you want something to eat?”

“No” she said typing furiously into her phone.

“You can’t take those pills without food.”

“I’ll eat when I get home. Sinclair is making breakfast for me.”

Too focused on my meeting for her fucked up attitude, I grabbed my keys and we headed to the car. Unlike before, as soon as I hit unlock, she opened the door and let herself in. I don’t know what kind of dudes she was used to fucking with but I don’t play this disrespectful shit. I was going to say something to her but decided against it. Maybe she was feeling some kind of way for giving me the pussy last night. I knew from how tight she was that there hadn’t been anyone hitting it for a least a year… shit probably longer than that. The way her pussy gripped around my dick was amazing. I was bricking up just thinking about my pussy again. Yes my pussy because after last night anyone who even got close to it would be signing their death warrant.

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