Chapter 4: Damien

When I got to the back office, K’s homeboy Boogie opened it right away. I dapped him up and walked in. The whole office was decorated in black and red with Miami Heat shit. Only K would take a business from a nigga and then put all his memorabilia up. I wonder if he copped it as part of the side deal. Fam is a savage.

“Alright now that lover boy is here, what’s good K?” Man said laughing sipping on his glass of Henn.

“Lover boy? Yo Tee is my little sister for real. Don’t make me have to hire you to fuck your own ass up.” Money K said with a straight face.

This dude is wild. We all laughed for a minute on that one, except for that dude Boogie. Man and I both caught it at the same time. I always said something about that dude screamed snake. But he had been in the trenches for years now so I let it go.

“Alright can we get to business? I got a tasting at Vizcaya this afternoon. I can’t sit up with you motherfuckers all day” Pop said brushing at his pants. My niggas was cleaner than a motherfucker. At 6’6 and an easy 300 pounds, I didn’t even know they made Ferragamo in his size but he was definitely Gamo down to the shoes.

“Oh Pop done went Hollywood on us. Don’t think I ain’t see your black ass on Real Housewives of up the street!”

You would never know that this dude used to be one of the deadliest enforcers ever to do it. There used to be time where all Pop wore was black because blood was spilling that regular. Yeah I was a killer but this nigga was a savage. If he came to collect a debt, you better make sure you had every damn dollar. I never thought I would see the day he put the hammer down. The day he told us that his wife was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and he was out, I damn near wanted to cry myself.

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