Chapter 5: Money K

“Alright so I know you are wondering why the hell I asked you all here today. So as you all know Reynaldo has decided to step down sometime this year.”

They all sat there stoic. There wasn’t much going on in the streets they didn’t know about.

“Well he wants to introduce me to his connect in Mexico and hand over his stateside interests as well. We haven’t spoken about percentages or timeline just yet but seeing that he supplies all of the east coast and few niggas in the Midwest this is huge.”

I looked at each of their faces. As I expected I still saw no reactions. Well except for Boogie who looked like he had hit the damn lottery.

“I know you all are doing your own things right now but ain’t no way I would do this without my brothers. If we work collectively and play our parts like the bosses we are separately, we could run the whole fucking country. I’m not asking for any commitment just yet. He wants us to come down to Mexico and meet with him to discuss next steps. If we don’t like what we hear we can come back here and keep pushing how we been doing”.

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