Chapter 5: Money K

After a long silence, God spoke up.

“What else do you have to tell us? What about that nigga in NYC making noise?”

Fuck I was hoping we could talk about that once everybody was on board.

“Ain’t nothing out of the ordinary. There is some New York cat named Shango saying he was going to come down here and set up shop. This ain’t the first time one of them up north niggas tries to make moves down here. I keep the warehouses in rotation so only I know where distribution is going to be made every week. Boogie keeps his soldiers in line and numbers adding up. So we are good.”

“Damn straight” Boogie said bucking up.

Ignoring Boogie, God spoke directly to me, “You know we go way back. We got you on this meeting but we ain’t making no decisions without all the info.”

“Bet” I said dapping him up, followed by D.

“Alright, the only question left is whose jet are we taking?” Boogie said all hyped up.

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