Chapter 5: Money K

“Not yours for damn sure. We are grown men over here. I can’t get my big ass on that Playschool ass propellor plane you got.” Pop said standing up after checking his watch. “Yo like I said I got business to take care of. I will see you Saturday for Princess’s kickback right?”

“Yeah we’ll be out there. Can’t believe she is gone. That little girl didn’t do shit to anyone. She just went to school and came home.” I said shaking my head.

Princess was the daughter of one of the OGs, Petey, from the neighborhood. She was celebrating her upcoming graduation from high school, when she had a seizure and died. They say everyone knew that she had seizures but she was still out there drinking and popping pills. It’s crazy. Saturday night after the funeral we are going to head to the park for an old school kickback. That’s what Petey and her mom Miss Tina want. Best believe the hood is going to be out in force. Everybody loved that little girl.

“Alright I’m out” Pop said dapping up everybody as he left.

“Get out of your feelings. You aight” he said to Boogie patting his back.

A few minutes later the brothers got up to leave too.

“You know we don’t need these niggas” Boogie said with an attitude obviously still mad about Pop’s joke.

“Yo I’ll hit you up for the numbers for the Treetop and Bounce House later. Close my door on the way out” I said dismissing him to go get the count on our top two trap houses.

“Alright I’m out”.

Man I am stressed out. The fact that God was asking him about this Shango cat meant he was making too many waves. I didn’t let it be known but I had heard about Shango before. He was doing his thing up north and they said his crew was tight. That’s why I had to make sure I brought in my day ones for the thing with Naldo.

I think it is time to hit the street and check my traps. I know it sounds crazy but being in the streets is where I felt most at peace. I headed to the house to change cars because I didn’t want to give them boys any kind of notice.

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