Chapter 5: Money K

“Baby!” I hollered walking into the house.

I saw a note from Joy that she would be home a little later but just in case I came home she made me lunch and it was in the oven. Things like that made me love the shit out of her. She didn’t even know if a nigga was going to come by the crib but just in case I did she had a plate ready for me.

I couldn’t wait to make her wife. She was going to be the mother of my first born son… I hope.

Fuck does this bitch has a lo-jack on my sanity?

“What do you want Yaya? I told you not to call my fucking phone! What if I had been with my fucking wife?” I barked into the phone

“Damn baby daddy why are you doing me like that? I know she ain’t there.”

“Are you stalking me now bitch?”

“Nah but a little birdy sure did tell me you were alone. Why don’t you come over so we can talk?”

“Hell nah bitch. We ain’t got shit to talk about until these damn test results come in.”

“Fuck you Money K. I know and you know that you were the only one that I was fucking. Just because you decided you wanted to be with that bitch on some hood royalty shit don’t play me. I have loved you since I was a kid. I gave you my fucking virginity. Fuck you K. Fuck you. I hate you” she said crying.

Fuck. The worst part is she wasn’t lying. She was never my girl but I did have love for her at one time. But she wasn’t Joy. Her baby wasn’t going to be like mine with Joy. I couldn’t help it.

“Look ma. It is what it is. I gotta go.”

I waited to hear if she said anything but when she didn’t I did what I had to do. I hung up.

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