Get Over It! by Iyanla Vanzant

Hi Lovebugs,

I am on a roll today. I wrote earlier about my morning routine and how I get my self together to start the day. So now I am going to give you a little insight on how I end it. Last month I restarted the book Get Over It by Iyanla Vanzant. It was a book that Jai suggested a while back that I just never got into. But like they say, there is a time and a place for everything. At this time and place in my life, this book was right on time.

I usually would call this a plot snapshot, but seeing that this is a non-fiction/self help book, I will call it a concept snapshot.

51CVTEjYZ9LThis book is geared at breaking down and breaking through the walls we build around our own minds. It tells us to explore our own toxic actions and look at the root cause of them. This book is not telling us to look outward for our power and growth. It challenges us to look within.

Throughout the book, she identifies 42 dominant negative thought processes that keep us constrained. They range from guilt to rejection to feeling unappreciated. Once they are identified, there are exercises and 42 coinciding affirmations to help us do the work of “getting over them”.

This book has been a very strong and powerful tool for me in the last few weeks. It has required me to take time to pray and affirm that positivity, love and peace are waiting for me as soon as I get out of my own head. It has made me see things in my actions and my relationships that have given me a new foundation and resolve. I am “getting my mind right so I can live better”.

This doesn’t have to be a book that you pick up when times are hard. It is instead a book that I whole heartedly recommend for the times when things are going good so that you can enjoy them and not see them in a negative light that distorts your joy. I am glad that I did. I am still working through all the exercises and journaling, but I am affirming today that I will be better once I am done.

Has anyone ever read it? Have you read anything else from Iyanla? Any new books I should read?


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