Chapter 6: Sinclair

“Ok tell me exactly what he said Toni.”

Something just didn’t sound right. When Toni first text me this morning she was all excited about the night she had spent with Damien, her Captain Save a Toni. Five minutes later she was texting me that she wish she had never went to his crib, that he was an asshole and that she never wanted to see him again. I was used to Toni’s mood swings but this was even much for her.

“Wait Toni give me one second. Joy are you good?” I called on the intercom

“I am fine sis…. Hi are you here for the children’s casting? Please sign in here and take a number. What agency are you with?”

“Okay in five minutes let numbers 5-10 into the inner office please.”

While juggling Toni’s breakdown I was also responsible for doing my actual job. For the last three years I have been working as a casting director at the Forte agency. Basically companies hire us to find them a pool of top choice models and actors for projects ranging from billboards to blockbusters. I was working under Danielle Forte and I couldn’t be more lucky. In this business there was the Forte agency… and everybody else.

I had met her four years ago when the college hired her to cast students for their recruitment video. She placed an ad on Craigslist for an assistant and I was the first to answer. The job wasn’t glitzy or glamorous but I worked hard and Danielle was impressed . She liked my work ethic and gave me different jobs while I finished school. When I graduated, she told me to come visit her at her office on South Beach. Two years later I was heading her South Florida office. I loved every minute of my job. I was even able to hire Toni some days when the budget allowed for an assistant. After her night last night I called Joy to come and work with me instead.

“Look I am going to have Joy order us lunch. I know you aren’t passing up free food. Bring your ass down to the office. I already know what to order I gotta go. Love you.” I hung up the phone quickly before she could come up with an excuse as to why she couldn’t come in.

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