Chapter 6: Sinclair

“Alright send in #5”

Today I was casting for a toy company. They wanted a girl between 3-5 for a lead speaking role in a nationwide commercial with possible print work. She was going to have to interact with a fake mom and possibly another child so she can’t be timid. I set the camera up so I could get them on film for later review. Hopefully Joy did a good weeding them out. She had only allowed four of the first twenty make it through so I had high hopes.

Aww. If this little girl didn’t look adorable with her candy curls. Her face looked like one of those porcelain dolls Ma Dear had up in her china cabinet. I wasn’t particularly a fan of little girls with a face full of makeup but when I saw her mother I knew the apple didn’t fall far from the Lancôme tree.

“Ok. Hi. What is your name?”

“Her name is Stefania”

“Okay Mom that is a beautiful name but I need her to talk to me, Ok?”

“So Stefania how old are you?”

“She is five”

“Okay. Thank you for coming in.”

That quick her mother talked her out of a job, when will they ever learn?

“Joy can you send in #6?”

I looked up and saw the cutest little chocolate drop walk in the door. I was surprised that her parent didn’t walk in with her. Maybe they were trying to let her show she was a professional. Either way she was too cute for words, She had her hair in two little afro puffs with bows. Her chubby cheeks framed her beautiful smile. I wanted to take her and put her in my pocket but I had a job to do.



“Is your mommy with you?”

“No. Is your mommy with you?” she asked batting her long eyelashes.

I damn near fell out. I covered my mouth to hide my laughter.

“What is your name and how old are you?”

“My name is Kennedy Emmanuela McCall. I am 5 years old. You are pretty. What is your name?

“My name is Miss Sinclair.”

“I like your name.”.

“Thank you. I like your name too. So do you like toys?”

“Yes” she said slowly as if asking herself who doesn’t like toys.

“What is your favorite toy?”

“Mmm my Daddy”

“Your Daddy is your favorite toy?”

“Yes. He plays with me and does dolls with me. He is my best friend.”

“Ok that sounds like fun. Do you have any brothers and sisters?”

“No… Yes… My baby brother is in heaven.” she struggled with her answer.

After a few more questions I knew not only was she going into the reel to send to the client but I was pretty sure she was going to get booked.

“Alright sweetie well thank you for talking to me today.”

“Thank you for talking to me too. You are nice. Can I give you a hug goodbye? My Daddy always gives me a hug when he says Goodbye”

This girl is going to make me buy the damn doll and I don’t even know what it looks like. I gave her a hug and had Joy send in the next child. Twenty minutes later it was time for lunch.

“What the hell?” I heard Joy exclaim.

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