Chapter 6: Sinclair

I walked out to see the little girl Kennedy waving goodbye to the last prospect.

“Kennedy?  Baby girl what are you still doing here?”

“Mercedes didn’t come get me yet” she said matter of factly.

“Baby who is Mercedes?” Joy said trying to mask her anger. Hell I was angry too. Who would leave a little girl alone all this time?

“Come on Kennedy, your Daddy is waiting on us at the house” a woman who I assumed was Mercedes said sauntering through the door.

I would have remarked on how gorgeous she was if she wasn’t so damn trifling. She actually looked like she could be here for a casting herself. She was about 5’10 with beautiful brown skin and damn near perfect teeth. With her long hair bone straight, she was wearing a simple t-shirt dress that stopped right above the ghetto booty that would make her instafamous but not a good match for commercial work. She grabbed Kennedy’s hand and pulled her to the door. Breaking away from her grasp, Kennedy came and gave us each another hug.

“Bye Miss Sinclair. Bye Miss Joyce”.

“Come on little girl.” Mercedes snapped as Kennedy made her way to the door.

“This bitch” Joy said loud enough for Mercedes to hear her but just shy of Kennedy’s ear range.

As Mercedes whipped her head to say something, Toni bounced herself in the door with her Jackie O sunglasses.

“I was promised food and preferably mimosas. Excuse me we are closed for lunch. Have a good day.” closing the door right in Mercedes face.

That’s my girl! Even when she is late, she is right on time.

“She left that little girl how long??” Toni asked for the second time.

“Toni I told you she was done with me about 5 minutes after I got off the phone with you and was just leaving when you walked in, so you do the math. Who does that?” I said shaking my head.

“Evidently this bitch… acting like that little girl couldn’t have been snatched.” Joy said still flustered.

“Okay well since none of us are going to call CPS let’s move on to the topic at hand. What the fuck happen between you and Superman, Tee?” I asked pointed my chopsticks at her like a microphone.

“Girl, fuck him.”

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