Chapter 6: Sinclair

“Too late you already did. Wait was it bad? Or was it too goooood?” Joy asked swiveling her pregnant ass in her chair.

“Joy!” I said almost choking on my miso soup.

“Girl blame your niece or nephew. This baby has me horny all the time!”

“Joy you have always been a freak. Don’t blame my god baby” Toni said giving her a look.

We all busted out laughing. Joy was good for telling us about all the freaky shit she had planned with Kevin. I tried to remind her that he was brother but she didn’t care at all.

“Focus. Toni what happened.”

Toni goes on tell us about the night from meeting his sister to him ending her two year drought.

“So I wake up in the morning to find him out of the bed. I went to the living room to see if we had time for round 3 when I heard him tell his brother he didn’t fuck with me like that and he only gave hoes dick not fairy tales.”

“Are you sure he was even talking about you?” Joy asked with her over optimistic self.

“He then said let me hurry up and get this bitch out of here. So yes he was talking about me. Actually before I forget let me go ahead and get this damn pill before I end up with two of his big head babies”

Well damn.

“Shit. Well fuck him. At least you got some good dick to get you through the winter.”

“Through the winter? Really sis? My pussy isn’t a damn bear.”

“Hell the way it has been hibernating since the last time we had a black president it might as well be.”

Joy and I have high fived while Toni pretended to be mad.

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