Chapter 6: Sinclair

“Aww sis we love you. Are you going to be here for Princess’s kickback?”

“I am definitely going to try. I have a couple clients for Fashion week on Wednesday and Thursday. I want to catch up with my brother on Friday if I can. I swear every time I am in NY his ass is never available. My flight lands at 7 on Saturday. I will probably head straight there,”

“Do you want me to pick you up?”

“Nah I will just Uber there. Actually I need to get my ass over to GBS and pick up some more items for my kit. I’ll see you at the house tonight or are you going back to your crib?”

“I haven’t even gotten that far in my head sis. I will call you.”

“Ok love you guys. If anything see you Saturday.” she said throwing air kisses as she ran out the door.

The rest of the day went pretty well. We have 10 solid candidates to submit to the client with another 4 maybes. I always like to throw those in there because you can never be too sure. On the way home I decided I wasn’t going back to my house or Toni’s. I needed some time alone. I checked and my favorite AirBNB was vacant. That was exactly what I needed.

When I pulled up to my bungalow at the very north side of Miami Beach I sighed. Over the last year I have rented this place about a dozen times. It was one of the last homes that hadn’t been bulldozed and turned into a skyscraper. Just a short walk to the beach, I always came here when I needed to get away. The property manager was very nice making sure there was something special in the room waiting. This time it was a big beautiful bowl of mangoes. As I let the mango juices run down my mouth, all the stresses of the day went away. I knew I was going to have to deal with David soon. Part of me wondered how he was doing after that beatdown. The bigger part of me said let that woman he was with take care of that.

After taking a hot shower I settled in and let the night overtake me. I ignored the texts from everyone. I couldn’t deal with another thought at all. Things would be better in the morning.

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