Chapter 7: Damien

Driving home I had a lot on my mind… Okay I had one thing on my mind, Toni. I don’t know what the fuck is up with her. When she fell asleep last night she was one stroke from telling me she loved me, we wake up and she is mad at the world. Then she came out the side of her face on that Plan B shit. Just the thought of her killing my child made me want to snap her neck. I know she probably wasn’t pregnant but that’s not the point. She knew what time it was when she let me shoot up in her. I definitely hadn’t planned on it but when I got up in there I couldn’t help it. Nah I am a grown ass man, I could have strapped up but I just didn’t want to. For all her slick talk, after one touch I knew ain’t nobody been hitting my pussy. Yeah that pussy is still mine. The rest of her will be too soon enough. I just had to figure out what the fuck her deal was.

As I pulled up to my crib, Man was already there waiting for me. Did he fly?

“The fuck you mean did MY Mama cook? What does that have to do with whether our household eats? Do you hear yourself? All I asked was for one fucking meal from my woman. You know what don’t even worry about it ma. Tell baby girl I will see her in the morning… Yo don’t ever question me about my whereabouts!” 

Here he goes. I honestly don’t know why he fucks with this broad anymore. I mean I know why but that shit don’t make any sense. Sometimes you have to let things go and she was definitely one of those things.

“Damn bruh you just barging in my shit. Let me find out I need to find a new hiding place for my key.” I said making myself a glass of Hennessey at the bar.

“You dumb as hell” Man said laughed lowly. I could tell he was still pissed off.

Truth be told there was no key that could get anyone into my house. Unlike the shed where isolation was the key security feature, at my house I went more tech. I had my partner Sync outfit the whole place. The door required thumbprint access, while my office had both thumbprint and voice recognition. The only people that could ever get through the front door were Ma, Monica, Man and myself. Since they were the only ones who knew where I laid my head was that was perfect. 

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