Chapter 7: Damien

While the shed was where work was done, this place was where I wanted my family to live. My realtor thought I was crazy to spend the extra two hundred thousand to be in this neighborhood but it was close to the best private school in Miami. I told Man to cop one too but he is hellbent on having Baby Girl homeschooled. He said he didn’t want have to fuck up no teachers or kids. This dude.

“So the meeting went pretty much how we thought it would go.” Man said getting back to business. 

“Yeah. K should have kept it 100 about Shango though. He ain’t no average nigga. He ain’t us but he ain’t no pussy either.”

I noticed how K’s face twitched when Man brought Shango up in the meeting. That wasn’t a good look.

“I know. On the strength of our history I am willing to let it play. It could be a major move but it got to feel right. What are you thinking?”

“You know I stay ready so it’s whatever. Just know I won’t hesitate to put down anyone that threatens our family or our freedom.”

“Say less” he nodded in agreement.

“Yo I am about to lay it down. I got word I need to hit up a homeboy in Cali. I should only be gone a day or two. You can hide out here from ol girl if you want.” I said laughing.

“I am a grown ass man bruh.I will put her ass out before I hide. What about the bitch with the good pussy from last night? You going to hit it again before you dip? ”

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